Civil Law


Our main object is the effective handling of numerous issues of a civil nature which often have an international dimension and either originate in Greece, or involve Greek citizens abroad (such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and others), or foreign citizens who reside in Greece or who have financial, commercial or interpersonal relations with Greece.

As such, all of our clients can obtain representation through our office to appear before courts, especially in Germany and Greece, and save valuable time needed to protect their interests, while being fully informed about the progress of their cases abroad. In addition, mediation and particularly extrajudicial resolution of such disputes – a common and effective practice – often results in a faster and more effective handling of these issues so that lengthy litigation can be avoided.
The matters that we most commonly resolve in the courts, though always after exhausting every extrajudicial avenue, include all types of civil cases between private citizens or between private citizens and the state:// Family law (including divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity)

// Lease disputes, orders to surrender premises, actions to reduce rent, business leases

// Law of succession (publication of wills, issue of certificate of succession, provisions regarding forced share, accepting/disclaiming inheritance)
Consultant responsable for Greece of the NETWORK OF GERMAN INHERITANCE LAW EXPERTS E.V.

// Property law (including real estate, revendication, actions for partition, recognition of ownership, usufruct, cadastral claims and actions)

// Law of obligations (legal transactions, torts, debts, leasing, sale of objects, joint rights, formation/dissolution of associations)

// Claims for compensation resulting from wrongdoing and contractual liability

// Drafting agreements regulating relationships under private law

Multiculturalism characterises the societies of our times, resulting to complex legal relations between individuals of different nationalities. This often raises doubts as to which of the various domestic legal systems should be enforced and which country’s court is in charge to decide about a case. The regulation of legal relationships between individuals or organisations of different nationalities is achieved through the rules of private international law. We are solving these problems for our clients, especially in cases that have an international background, always having in consideration the best solution for our client.

Our firm informs its clients regarding the vehicular accident, the initial actions they must take and any legal claims they are entitled to.
We collect any information on a technical, medical and factual level for the purpose of achieving the greatest possible compensation as quickly as possible and regardless of whether the accident occurred in Athens or elsewhere in Greece.
We are particularly effective in providing assistance for foreign subjects, such as German, Austrian and other tourists, who are involved in vehicular accidents while staying in the tourist-oriented areas of Greece. Our experience has shown that the quicker these foreign citizens seek legal help, the faster their cases can be resolved.
At the same time, our lengthy collaboration with insurance companies both in Greece and abroad, including HUK-Coburg, Syneteristiki Insurance and Epikouriko Kefalaio, has enabled us to effectively assist in the organisation and legal support of any insurance company, whether it is in the area of damages or general insurance.

We undertake the issue of orders for payment and for surrender of premises and their enforcement, seizures and auctions, garnishment, reprieves and petitions for suspension of orders of payment, reprieves against the auction programme, etc.

One of the issues that has drawn the attention of the legal world and public opinion is the conflict that sometimes arises between freedom of the press and the right to information, which is constitutionally protected (articles 14 and 5A of the Constitution) and covered by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and the right to privacy and confidential communication, which are also constitutionally guaranteed by articles 9, 9A and 19 of the Constitution. Disputes that occur in this field often have two forms, with both civil and criminal implications. Based on our professional specialisation (Framework of Principles theory, etc.) and recent handling of a widely publicised case involving German journalists, our office can advise and undertake cases related to protection of privacy of both journalists and individuals whose integrity has been challenged.