Real Estate


Reliable actual and legal support in concluding agreements for the purchase or leasing of business or private properties in Greece, Germany and other countries.

Legal support in managing properties after they have been acquired, including resolving tax issues or matters related to rebuilding or valuable consideration, provided through our network of associates.

Based on a sound knowledge of the market, our work extends to finding property that is appropriate for the intended development and buildable under planning regulations. We also undertake the preliminary title search and guide clients through the signing of the notary public documents, safeguarding your rights as a contracting party with utmost respect for your personal preferences.

Acquiring real property

Since 2005, all owners of property within Greek territory are basically* required to file a return with the competent local tax authority. In a new regulation since August 2015 there is such an obligation only if there is also an income in Greece. But it is always recommended to inform yourself by consulting a Lawyer ore tax adviser.
In 2010, a tax burden was imposed on real property, similar to that seen in many other countries. After many changes and modifications in the nature of the burden, it ultimately became the “Single Property Tax”, or “ENFIA”, as it is known in Greece.

Starting in 2016, with any purchase of a building, an energy performance certificate must be issued for the property and submitted to the competent authorities before the sale can be completed.

(Status January 2016: All information is supplied without liability including incomplete or outdated information. All data is subject to change)